• A “Sign” from God?

Posted by: kidhelper on Wednesday, January 16th, 2008


I tend to read signs while I am driving. While I was returning from store on my last trip to Palm Springs, I caught a glimpse of this sign as I was passing a Bus Stop. Did it say what I thought it said? I was so intrigued by that thought, that I turned around and and went back, to be sure. Then I took this picture. A funny-fun foto? Was it what I thought it was, sure! It was a message signed by God.

It caused me to think just how God is using people to establish a witness for Himself in the most unlikely places. It made me wonder…”is anybody listening to God?” If you were seated at this bus stop, this sign might give you pause, someone surely read it. I was driving by and I read it. It does make you ponder in thought?

First, I thought this approach was cleaver, then creative, then just ironic. It surely is attention getting, which I think would be the reason for posting it. Secondly, the average non Christian is not expecting a message on a sign from God at the bus stop, rather a church marque or something like that.

As I returned to my car, having thought these thoughts, I proceeded back to my place. Then it happened…


Just a few blocks down the road, I drove pass by this marque of the Savior’s Lutheran Church in Palm Springs. Look what their marque said…another message from God. Look what God said this time. God included the “Kids” in His message. How cool is that? I think God would say that, don’t you? “You are welcome here and so are your kids!” I had to smile at finding two signs from God within a half a mile of each other. Now that was a first.

It made me wonder who is listening, if God was really speaking like this, in person, I mean. I think this generation needs a “sign” from God! They may be reading the “sign” of our lives.

“Let the little children come and forbid them not,” Jesus said.

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