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• Winners & Losers

Winners & Losers: Program Priority Wars In some church ministries one can find the alarming glimpse into what we might call turf wars. Basically, it is where one area of ministry tries to maintain dominance over others. So these ministries square off with all the trappings of warfare—to do battle for positions of favor. Some […]

Posted by: kidhelper on Sunday, September 25th, 2011

• Starting A Puppet Ministry

How to Start a Puppet-Team Ministry So you want to begin a puppet ministry, and you have no real training or experience. So here are my suggestions on how to get started. 1. A team leader’s training and experience. The adage that “you can only lead as far as you have gone” does apply to […]

Posted by: kidhelper on Monday, September 19th, 2011

• Games In’s and Out’s

The In’s and Out’s of the Game Baseball is a game played by two teams, one out, the other in. The one that’s in sends players out, one at a time, to see if they can get in before they get out. If they get out before they get in, they come in, but it […]

Posted by: kidhelper on Monday, September 12th, 2011

• Lock, Stock & Barrel

Lock, Stock & Barrel I have successfully downsized my storage unit to only one. This week I was able to eliminate the second one in my ongoing effort to downsize 40 years of ministry materials, books, resources and equipment. Consolidating years of work has been no easy task for me, but reducing the volume and […]

Posted by: kidhelper on Friday, September 9th, 2011

• Leadership: Isolation

Leadership: Isolation Why would the subject of Isolation be included in a list of desirable qualities for leadership? We are surrounded everywhere by sounds and noises, in cars, in home, in elevators, at work, answering machines, shopping malls and restaurants. Being alone in such a social world is different. Isolation is the opposite, a removing […]

Posted by: kidhelper on Monday, September 5th, 2011

• Review: Power of A Whisper

The Power of a Whisper: Hearing God: Having the Guts to Respond By Bill Hybels, Zondervan Publishers, 2007, 149 pages Holy Discontent is another life-changing book that just might clarify and solidify your calling from God. At first, I was wondering just how this volume would impact me. But I soon realized that Bill Hybil […]

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Posted by: kidhelper on Friday, September 2nd, 2011