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Kidology Coaching 

What is Kidology Coaching?

Kidology Coaching provides a veteran children’s ministry
professional who guides you through a twelve unit curriculum that
covers twenty-six foundational areas of ministry.This one-year program is designed to provide specialized Christian mentoring to those who are aspiring to creatively minister to children.The course covers a broad scope of subjects, which are useful to effectively reach and teach kids. Kidology Coaching is affordable
and flexible to easily fit within your busy ministry schedule Bastian interviews Barney Kinard about Kidology Coaching:

…insights into developing your own administrative skills:

  • Helping organize your children’s ministry
  • Developing your vision and goals for reaching kids
  • Insights into your spiritual gifts
  • Guidance and help with your Godly disciplines
  • Exposure to various venues for children’s ministry
  • Marketing your children’s ministry
  • Recommending books and articles to read and study
  • Sample administrative forms and procedures
  • Leadership-training procedures

…help in presenting a clear Gospel message to children:

  • Learning different approaches used to present the Gospel to
  • Developing Bible messages for kids
  • Discipline of giving salvation invitations to children
  • Studying the Bible texts about children

…creative use of performing arts as evangelistic methodology:

  • Learning a variety of evangelistic methods for children
  • Exposure to clowning, ventriloquism, puppetry and storytelling
  • Teaching how to use object lessons and gospel magic
  • Learning insights into today’s “Child culture”
  • Help with programming your evangelistic ministry


To participate in the Kidology Coaching Program, simply register
. You will be assigned to a coach who will contact you
within a week. Each Kidology Coaching unit includes 20-28 training
files – delivered electronically via download – and a one-on-one
phone consultation with your coach. After you complete each unit
purchase the next one to continue. Complete all twelve units and you
will receive a Kidology Certificate in Children’s Ministry.


Registration the Kidology Coaching Program is $36. Each Unit is $140 and includes some program materials in downloadable units and several monthly Skype calls per month.


Rev. Barney Kinard has been a successful Children’s Evangelist
for over 40 years, traveling around the nation conducting Kid’s
Crusades, Children’s Rallies and special outreach programs that
help churches reach and teach kids.

Prior to his vast itinerant evangelistic ministry he received training
from five schools: Moody Bible Institute, Biola University, and
Azusa Pacific University. His graduate work included Talbot Theological
Seminary and Fuller Theological Seminary. Further, he served in
five full-time church staff positions, working with kids.

Barney is a very popular workshop and seminar leader having been
featured at National Children’s Pastors’ Conferences, numerous annual
Sunday School Conventions and many regional denominational training
events across the nation.

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