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Posted by: kidhelper on Sunday, August 9th, 2015

Again, I asked another of my new Kidology Graduate Students to describe for me what metaphor he would use to describe his coaching experience. There was a long silence as my student gave some fresh thought to this idea. My suspense was rewarded with the reference to the “Wise and Foolish Builder.” However, I had no idea what this might be about, so I quarried. “Can you elaborate on that for me?”

“When I started out as a new missionary in Mexico, I just wanted to help others accomplish their work. I would just do whatever anyone needed. I really had no agenda, except that. Now that I have been in this coaching program I have a firm foundation to build upon. At first, this response did not help me, until I asked, “I am sorry, can you explain more about the wise and foolish builder idea?”

“When I helped others, I would do so as a one-time experience. I keep no records or files of the work I did. I would reinvent my work every time, like it was the first time for everything. Everything I did was gone, a waste. I was discarding it—nothing to show for the effort. I now think that was foolish.”

“Because of Coaching, I have been documenting my work. I have a vision and some goals. I have an actual plan for my ministry. I am recording in written form my contribution, so others can benefit from my ministry. I have become a Wise Builder.”

He was referencing his new passion for helping struggling churches in Mexico have outreach curriculum to reach their children for Christ. It involves writing a bilingual (Spanish/English) 52 Unit Curriculum, which provides all the church will need to conduct a club-like program for kids. It has 26 Old Testament stories and 26 New Testament stories. It has Bible lessons, drama, puppetry, silk-screened felt visuals, magic, object lessons, memory work, and take-home resources. The curriculum and all the necessary resources will be available in tubs and checked out to participating churches. Once used, the tubs will be returned and they will get another set of lessons.

Going forward, he will be known for this innovative curriculum. He is creating his legacy as a Missionary to Mexico. Coaching was a game-changer for this student. He needed some help and guidance to accomplish his vision to help churches to reach children in Mexico. He now has defined what he is doing and how he will get it done. He has become a wise-master builder for the kingdom. His name is Robert, but you might say, he has become Bob, the Builder!

Robert now is planning a one-year Writing Sabbatical to finish writing his Ninos Fantasico Curriculum by 2016.

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