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Posted by: kidhelper on Monday, August 8th, 2011

Mentoring: The Promise of Relational Leadership

By Walter C. Wright Jr., Paternoster Press, 2006, 160 pages

Mentoring is a legacy book, a work of a life of being mentored and a life of giving back. This work of mentoring is all about relationship and accountability. For those without a mentor, this volume might just push you into considering such a new adventure of lifelong reciprocal learning.

Here Walter Wright shares some of his priceless insights and deep experience both as a mentoree and a mentor. For me this work highlighted the processes that I myself have experienced in working with others. Further, it challenged and encouraged me to plunge deeper into mentoring waters.

His vulnerability in unpacking sixty years of mentoring experience was inspirational, including the ups and downs of the adventure. I especially liked his account of the Sherpas or guides who come alongside mountain climbers in Nepal to assist in the adventure to the top. The role of the rope clarified the relational process that mentoring is all about.

I recommend this book for those who have no mentor and for those who have one. It will clarify the mentoring relationship and explain how the mentoring process can work to enhance the journey. We do not have to go it alone.

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