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Creative Emergence

It may be helpful to explain two very divergent approaches for Creatives. The first is the deductive approach called Reductionism—“How does this work?” The emphasis is upon taking something apart to determine how it works. The second is the additive approach called Emergence—“What is this?” This is based on the formula: A + B = C. When one thing is added to something else, it becomes yet another entity.

We are impressed with Kidmin who are creative. We enjoy the fruit of their creativity. However, our Creative God made us like Him, creative! So we have the ability to create. Creativity is not a gift or a talent. It is, however, a way of operating. So, if we practice some creative habits, we too, could experience creativity in our ministry. Creativity is an act of the will. By deliberately adding your skills and talents to the practice of creative habits, creativity will emerge!

Here are Six Creative Habits that Creatives Use.

1. Work at Mastering your Talent and Skills                                                                                                                                                                                  Creatives make the time to master their talents/skills. According to Malcolm Gladwell’s research in his book Outliers, he projects that it takes about 10,000 hours to master a talent or skill, whether it is a sport, writing, art, singing, storytelling or magic. This means that the accumulation of experience matters for Creatives. They do not quit—they keep trying. By adding mastery to your talents and skills, something emerges!

2. Discover How New Ideas Happen for YOU Creatives understand how new and fresh ideas come to them. They are very aware how the mind and body work to produce solutions to problems. Rising early seems to be common to most Creatives. They have found when these idea-friendly times occur. Creatives master these idea-producing techniques. They keep repeating them, and when they do, something always emerges!

3. Capture Ways to Record Your Ideas Creatives have deliberate ways to collect their new ideas. They even know when the creative ideas come in their day: driving, sleeping, walking, etc. They might use 3 x 5 cards, a note pad, a white board, a journal, a recording device, a smart phone or other such capturing techniques. They are always prepared for an idea and have a quick way to capture it. I have made notebooks, even written journals. For several months I purposed to invent a new magic trick every week. When you add retrieval systems (or Evernote) to your talents and skills, something emerges.

4. Designate A Creative Space—the Work Place! The work place is where creative work happens! It can be the office, a workshop, a special chair or even a serene quiet research-type environment. Some Creatives require a clean spacious work place, while others work best in clutter with resources all around them. But what is common to all Creatives? They know the environment where they are most productive. Add the right work place to your talents and skills, and something will emerge!

5. Find a Network of Like-Minded Creatives It helps to be in relationship with other Creatives, like our selves. It stimulates creative ideas. The cross-pollinating of ideas is a fertile garden for harvesting creative projects. Sharing your process helps to get feedback. Engaging in a creative network with your talents and skills, something emerges!

6. Prune Your Efforts: Eliminate and Concentrate We all have the same amount of time in a day. Creatives tend to eliminate time wasters and have the ability to concentrate their efforts on the creative process to produce results. Anything that is a distraction or a time robber is somehow eliminated. They tend to remove themselves to work in isolation. Being able to eliminate distraction and concentrate on your talents and skills, something emerges!

Challenge: By adding these habits to your process you can increase your creative ability and something will emerge. Are you aware of the time you are putting into mastering your skills and talents? Experiment with how new ideas come you. Have you noticed any patterns? Do you have a way to capture ideas? Are you sharing your ideas with others who are likeminded? Are you able to remove yourself from distraction and those who can rob your best efforts? Work your ideas!

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