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Posted by: kidhelper on Thursday, May 1st, 2008


I attended the Student Missionary Conference a week ago at the Biola University campus in La Mirada, CA. At the Missionary/Exhibitor orientation meeting a young lady approached me and said, ” I am Jennifer Johnson, I remember that you were the camp speaker at a summer camp at Quaker Meadows when I was a child. Do you remember me? It caught me off guard, for a minute. Then, I noticed her mother standing next to her. Of course, I remembered her.

Just a few weeks earlier… I was going through some old camp photos. It was the same camp Jennifer attended.


Well, that was fifteen years ago, I think she was ten then, when Barnacle and I came to that summer camp. I happened to have some camp pictures. This photo shows Jennifer Johnson and her friends standing next to Barnacle.


I remember the camp experience really well. We covered the Book of Acts in ten sessions and we encouraged the children to read the book of Acts.


In the Book of Acts we were “looking for clues from God’s point of view.” So I dressed up in this Sherlock Holmes outfit to work the mystery themes found in Acts.


Here is another group shot from the same camp. Jennifer is the third from the right.


Buzzy, the Buzzard was the featured vent figure, besides Barnacle (of course). Buzzy was a big hit at this camp.

This was great experience for me to meet another one of the children from my past. What a treat to find out that Jennifer became a missionary/teacher at The Evangelical School for the Deaf in Luquillo, Puerto Rico. This Deaf School is a work of the World Mission to the Deaf, a Canadian organization. Jennifer is currently a preschool/elementary teacher. I am hoping to keep in touch, now that we found each other again.

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Betsy Says:
July 4th, 2008 at 10:03 am

Rev. Kinard, THANK YOU for your work with kids. I have the distinct pleasure of working with Jen at the school in Puerto Rico and I see daily the fruit of her early Bible teaching and learning. Praying for your continued ministry. Betsy


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