• Easter EGGstravaganza

Posted by: kidhelper on Tuesday, March 18th, 2008


Children love an Easter Egg Hunt. Colored hard bowled eggs are obviously placed around a lawn, so even the youngest could not miss them. It is almost an Easter Tradition in the States. Even the President hosts such an event on the White House Lawns. How does the Christian convert this secular holiday tradition to make some spiritual meaning, or better yet, teach what the real meaning of Easter is all about?

Many children’s ministries add some cleaver names and revamp what happens at the event. One church calls it Lamb and Eggs, still others have called it Easter EGGstravanganza. Typically, these hybrid children’s events feature…


the Easter Tradition Plus. The Plus might have to do with a Picnic, a speaker, a presentation, crafts and meal (either Breakfast or lunch), games, candy, prizes, special new music and preparations for Easter Sunday. The groups, depending on the numbers in attendance, are divided generally between the older and the younger for the egg hunt. Sometimes, special eggs a hidden, that either colored or decorated and have value or worth. Prizes can be awarded for those collecting the specified ones. Special plastic eggs (those that open) have symbols inserted, so the real story of Easter can be told, when they are opened, in an assembly type meeting. The leader/speaker can teach the Easter Story using each symbot to illustrate the story of the Gospel. Some of the symbols might include: a nail, crown thorns, piece of linen, small crown, a cross, a piece of silver, etc. It is really expanding on the tradition to make another bigger tradition…an outreach event. Some Bible Bookstores sell plastic Easter Eggs by the dozen, with these suggested symbols already inserted, or you design your own.

These events can be strategic outreach events, attracting many new children and families to your church and program. This is a good time to have promotion materials ready to let guests know what else you offer by way of programming to teach children at your church.


For me the Egg is all about life…new life. Of course, that new life is found in sacrificial death of Jesus for me and my sins. I now have this new life in Christ. Easter is more than a holiday, it represents my birthday, a day when I was born into God’s forever family.

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