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Posted by: kidhelper on Friday, November 16th, 2007


I was honored with a national award called the Excellence in Children’s Ministry Award. I received this prestigious award at the annual Children’s Pastors Conference in Denver, Colorado. The CPC is the premeire conference ministry of International Network of Children’s Ministries. Now they host two or three of these national conferences a year. Here Dean Stone, a member of the Board for INCM, presented me with one of the highest awards available in Children’s Ministry. I never thought I would ever receive one of these coveted plaques.

This was such an honor for me…


There were only three awards given out on the same night, the other two were given to my friends Pat Verbal and Rob Evans, The Donut Man. What a special evening for us. Here we are, posing for a photo together.


Then, we started teasing Pat about her being so short and standing between two giants, so we moved in to crowd her a bit to make the point.


We would not let that d9, ao we just had to continue moving even closer. We managed to make her just disappear. It was all about having some fun together. Pat was good natured about it the teasing, to her credit.


Later that evening, I joined a few my friends went out for ice cream, and we posed for this picture before we went. Pictured with me is Wayne Purcell, Pat Verbal, Jody Capehart, and Steve Sanchez. It was such an honor to receive this recognition from my peers. I have enjoyed the memories of that evening for many years now.

I laid this award down at the feet of Jesus. It was really His, I was just doing what He told me to do.

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One Response to “• Honored for Excellence”

Pat Verbal Says:
November 24th, 2007 at 5:23 pm

Hey, Barney!
I have not seen these pictures in a very long time. What great memories they stir up! We all look younger. LOL! Will you be at CPC 2008? I hope to see you there! Pat


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