• Is It Time to Move?

Posted by: kidhelper on Saturday, August 13th, 2011

When is it Time to Move?

There are many answers to this question, however, if you have never dealt with this reality, then here are some considerations that might cause you to ponder the question: “When is it time to move?”

1. There may be a conflict with the Church vision. The leadership has declared that they want to accomplish something that is not compatible with either your vision for children’s ministry or your own personal vision. It is time to rethink your involvement going forward.

2. There might be well-intentioned Dragons who are threatening the vision and plans of your ministry work. You are not successful making any changes with these difficult leaders.

3. There might be a lack of support from the leadership that translates into making every move forward like hauling a heavy rock uphill.

4. There might be serious false attacks on your character—integrity. The Pastor may be taking the side of your critics, because they attacked and told him first—he believes them.

5. There might be promises made to you in the beginning that have not been addressed and now there is a great gap in their integrity.

6. There are serious troubles in financing the church budget, which means your budget has been restricted, which is seriously hindering your ability to run your program minimally.

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7. There might be too many older persons and not enough young families, so the decision-making control is with the shareholders and they are not making decisions that make it easy for young families with children to participate and feel welcome. They are afraid of losing control.

8. There might be an unhealthy atmosphere that renders the church unhealthy or sick. There is a lack of openness, a lot of hidden agendas, some power plays, and maybe, some backroom deals. A few leaders are in control and legislate what the staff should be doing, as though they are better informed about what needs to be done.

9. There might be a rumor-mill that is out of control, so you have to over communicate to offset the negativity and partially true stories in the grapevine that has gone rampant.

10. There may be someone on staff that is not performing up to standard, so all the staff are required to micro manage their jobs in writing, and it’s turned in weekly, for review.

11. You have been successful in organizing and managing the work, but now it has lost its challenge and you are becoming restless to move on to another new and more challenging opportunity.

13. There may be some moral failure that will impact your leadership. It might be time for transformation and healing, but elsewhere now.

14. Your family has outgrown the churches ability to support you and them too.

15. There maybe the condition that your ministry might have outgrown your ability to manage it successfully. You are overworked and underpaid and at the end of the day, it is still overwhelming you.

16. Maintenance posture of the church: Non growth, few visitors, no conversions, no baptisms, and no new young families and few new young children.

17. You may just feel that you accomplished what you came there to do, and you have taken the ministry as far as you can go.

18. You have changed, but the ministry has not changed all that much. During your tenure your gifts and calling have changed and you no longer fit there, so you might be looking for another place where you fit better.

19. You have a new opportunity that feels like a promotion. It offers more opportunity, a better standard of living, a place that is greener and seems to have a greater vision to reach and teach families with young children.

20. There is no reason to stay, you feel finished and not motivated. You are going through the motions, but your heart is not in it. Maybe it is time to move on…

Any of these reasons just might be grounds for reconsidering your future. However, there is only ONE really good reason for leaving any ministry. That is…God has spoken and only He is releasing you to leave. You know in your heart that the Lord is moving you on. Now, none of these other reasons really apply. Follow Him!

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Nancy Kannard Says:
August 15th, 2011 at 6:19 pm

This is an insightful article and I see many themes to past positions in it.
Thank you!


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