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Posted by: kidhelper on Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011


Gospel Felts

The message is clear and powerful. It is the Easter Story outline. It covers the death, burial, resurrection and appearance of the risen Christ. Not only can you tell the Easter Story, but you can use this set of silk screened felts as an outline for additional teaching about the events of Easter week.  These colorful felts provides you with a pneumonic teaching device (an aid the memory) for a quick review of the Passion story.  Also these Gospel Felts are very useful for presenting the salvation message anytime of the year.  This resource come with some extra word strips that you can use for additional application. The Gospel Felts were produced in a limited edition and are now available for just  $29.95 (with a suggested message).

You can order this set of Gospel Felts from www.kidhelperresources.com You may not find these Gospel Felts  pictured on the Kid-Helper Resources site yet, it may be posted there soon.  However, all you have to do is to request it from Michael or Eva LaFond, who manage the site. Or you can email me and I will arrange for you to get a set for your ministry.

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