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Posted by: kidhelper on Monday, August 23rd, 2010

Energizer bunny

Pacing Your Race: A Lesson from the Energizer Bunny?

Children’s Ministry is not a sprint, it’s a marathon race. There are those “all or nothing” types, that impress you with their quickness and gigantic plans, only to run out of gas in short order. Those that enter into this profession, must be prepared for the long haul and pace themselves for the distance to be traveled…that is a life long commitment to following Jesus to reach the lost lambs. If you have not seen one of these jackrabbits, you will recognize them because when difficulty comes they disappear off the scene or move on to something else.  For them children’s ministry is a mere “stepping stone” to something else.

You have to exercise the same commitment in trouble and in prosperity. It is always easier to serve when things are going well, however, the real test of commitment comes when difficulties come, followed by more difficulty. The temptation to quit or adjust to be more comfortable is ever present with us. But we must draw down on our commitment. This is more of a test of how you pace yourself for the long-distance race of children’s ministry.

Many of you have heard me say, “I have a long view of children’s ministry.” That is because I want you to have a long tenure of reaching and teaching children. I have been serving Jesus and children for fifty years now. It does keep you young, but you have to stay focused and pace yourself to run this race. \So this is the lesson of “energizer bunny.” You just keep going and going, and going. Don’t quit! If the calling of God in on your life for the ministry to children, stay the course! God will bless you!

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