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It was another great Kid Mission to San Telmos in May. Our team, of over 50 members, took a two day journey two hours South of Ensenada into Baja Mexico to continue our ministry among the migrant workers from Oaxaca, Mexico. Hundreds of farmers come North from Oaxaca to work the fields during the growing season of Spring through Fall. They make huge sacrifices as whole families make this journey by bus and live there during the work season. When they get there, they endure much hardship and poverty while trying to earn a meager living in the fields for $5 per day income.

My continued role with this group is to train teams to work with the children on every trip and try to make a contribution that will make a difference for the churches that the Mexico Outreach Mission and the 4 Christ Mission have built for them. In addition, to building a beautiful church for these migrants, now we are building a preschool and an elementary school for them. With the photo above you can see some of the activities our team provides on a trip like this, but there is more…


On the return trip home we stopped at the Ensenada Jail for services there. We were unable to do children’s ministry this time, it was Sunday, no children were there, they come on Saturdays. There is a growing number of believers here who know how to sing, pray and study the Bible. We handed out a couple of cases of whole Spanish Bibles and a case of Spanish New Testaments. It is a challenge each time we go to deliver as much as we can in the short amount of time we have. The bigger the effort the more organized it has to become.

Here is a short list of some of the things that were done on this trip…

1. We served more than 400 meals in both places (other than our own team).
2. We distributed more than 80 pairs of small children’s shoes.
3. We gave away 48 Spanish New Testaments and 48 complete Spanish Bibles
4. We left 50 Born Again Birthday counseling books for the Pastor use with follow up for the children.

5. We gave away almost 400 Tootsie Pops to he migrant children in Migrant Camps.
6. We donated over 500 Spanish and English Books for the new elementary and preschool school.
7. We left behind several bags of used clothes for the Pastor to distribute to needy families.
8. We raised $650 there for 13 new windows for the new school rooms being built in San Telmos.

9. We left 10 sets for Spanish Awesome Adventure Follow-up materials for the Pastor to use with a class of responsive children (thirteen lessons)
10. Doctors saw many critical and routine aliments, for those who cannot either afford or be able to see a doctor.
11. We distributed 200 bars of soap, 100 wash clothes, 150 tubes of toothpaste, 200 shaving razors, and many miscellaneous toiletries.
12. We distributed free medicine, vitamins, pain medication, and medicines for variety of symptoms for respiratory and digestive problems.

13. We were able to install electric wiring, and finish putting up several rooms of drywall in the new school rooms.
14. We donated money to purchase 13 new windows for the new elementary school and enough for them to be installed.
15. We donated over $120, enongh money for Soap from Home Depot to clean and sanitize many whole wings of the prison floors.                                              16. We secured enough money to release another prisoner when he is ready to be released, after one year of discipleship.

17. We blessed a “released” prisoner who will now be going to Los Mochis Mission Center in Sinaloa State in Los Mochis for further discipleship training.
18. We now have $8,000 of $15,000 needed for the Water Will Project for the San Telmos Church and School.
19. We measured the footprint for the new children’s playground site in front of the new school (a plot of 75 feet by 75 feet).
20. We ministered to lots of children, mothers, and families in San Telmos and over 250 men in the Ensenada Jail.
21. We donated playground balls, basketballs, soccer balls and additional outdoor play equipment for the school children.

I keep thinking of more things, but the best part for me was how my team worked. The Lord used us to lead another 10-12 kids to the Savior. The preparation works and it is such a joy to see the planning and work come together to make something wonderful happen for those we serve. It really takes a team to do these things and lots of prayerful support from families and friends back home.

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