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Posted by: kidhelper on Monday, September 22nd, 2008


Recently, I had the opportunity to return to the Indonesian Evangelical Church in Azusa, CA. The church was celebrating their 25th Anniversary of the founding of their Church. I was there to minister to the children. It was a festive time with lots of authentic Indonesian foods and desserts. Here I am performing, my now famous Stiff-Rope Trick, much to the delight and laughter of the children. This was a routine I first starting using on my India-Kid Mission last summer, with so much success that I included it in all thirty shows. Well, it was a hit here too.

This was the second time that I have been with this group of children. They seemed very glad that I could return. I was able to come last December for their annual Sunday School Christmas Program.


Here is Wilson Suwanto, the Associate Pastor there, he and his wife Julia make all the arrangements for my ministry. He is a student of Fuller Theological Seminary (where I went).

They rightly anticipated there would be a huge response their Annual Christmas Program. They wanted me to share the gospel for the children before this outreach event. We gathered in the Sanctuary for the featured Children’s Christmas Program. So I took center stage to a packed sanctuary, with no seats left, with lots of kids, and a very contagious mood.

It was a Christmas to remember. When you have been a Christian for so many years, you think you might have experienced all the ways to tell the same old story of Jesus Birth. Until, someone invents another point of view for telling the story. That is what happened.

What seemed significant to me, without knowing the details of their performance, I remember the Lord leading me to share a message that perfectly complimented their dramatic production. Actually, this has happened many times before, but it is always amazing to me when it happens again.

Well, now they have invited back again. This next time, I will be speaking to the children at their all church Thanksgiving Retreat at Rancho Capistrano, located in San Juan Capistrano, CA. I will be overseeing 13 hours of programming for the children who come with their families. I am looking forward to it already.

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