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Posted by: kidhelper on Wednesday, January 16th, 2008


I started the New Year out right with my monthly Writing Retreat to Palm Springs. I was reminded again just why I like coming here. It is not the weather, which was just gorgeous, no clouds, no heat, no wind, no rain, no snow and it was wonderful. It was also really quiet. My favorite part is not that I am very productive here, which is usually the case, even this time. I was able to finish many writing projects that put more articles into my mentoring program. Rather, I think the best part is the “view.”

This photo above captures the “view spot” from the second-floor porch of the place where I go to write in Palm Springs. I have been coming here monthly, for almost four years now. Frankly, I take some inspiration for this “view spot” every time I come. It has taken me a while to understand this, but this “view” has become my favorite tristing place for every trip. The world seems to stop here, for me. Just sitting on the porch with a cup of coffee, a book or a notepad and pen, I get charged up for writing. Some great ideas have come from this spot.

I thought you might like the see a sample of the changing vistas that I experience in a day from this View Spot. Take a look at these photos to see what I mean…


This is the sunrise view with the early morning sun hitting the hills to the West, which makes the mountains look a rusty red color. A cup of coffee with this view is common in the cool morning air. A chance to think new thoughts and talk to the Lord a while.


Then the late afternoon sun castes a shadow in the other direction. As the day passes, so do the impressions in the complex move before my eyes. With the sun going behind that mountain another day of thinking soon will be done.

It is true. I have been to some really nice places. I have other favorite places. However, after four years of monthly visits to Palm Springs, this “view spot” has become my favorite vista. It has became “my place” for some serious, but serene, writing time. Much of what I have written has come from here.

I never imagined that I would ever be doing this when I was younger, but I am enjoying my writing retreats. If ever I stopped coming here, it would be this “view spot” that I would miss the most.

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