• The First Lemonade Stand

Posted by: kidhelper on Friday, February 3rd, 2012

The First Lemonade Stand

My five-year old grand daughter read Pinkalicious and decided that she wanted to make some lemonade and sell it at a Lemonade Stand. So she discussed this with her parents. My grand daughter gave me a call on Saturday morning to see if could secure some lemons for her. I had supplied a few lemons to the family once before. So I, conveniently, helped myself to my neighbors lemon tree, which had lemons hanging over the fence into my yard. Her whole family rode their bikes over to our house to pick up the lemons. Oh, and they needed some kind of a sign to advertise, so they asked me, if I could make them one, and I did. (You can see it above)

Well, the lemonade was made. They gathered up the cups and ice and off the family went to set up shop. They crossed the street in front of their home, thinking they would walk a few blocks to set up at a major intersection. However, they only made it across the street near the exit driveway at Biola University.

An approaching car with passengers was exiting the school and noticed the family carrying the lemonade in front of them. They hollered out, “Are you selling Lemonade?”

“Well, yah, want some?” replied the kids.

“Sure!” So they stopped to sell them some fresh lemonade.

The next car waiting behind the first wanted some too, and so did those in the next car. They decided to set up their Lemonade Stand right there on the sidewalk, next to the exit. Some runners were running by and asked for a cold drink and it was done. A car did a U-Turn in the middle of the street to come back to buy lemonade from the two blonde girls. It was the perfect beginning for two young enterprising girls, who experienced their debut to the free enterprise.

This exposure was short lived. They sold out of lemonade in only forty-five minutes. Oh yeah, they made Thirty-Eight dollars!

Kind of makes me wonder where this first experience will go.

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