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A Real Kid Helper is one that is not only focused on the physical needs of children, but their spiritual needs, as well. To those who seek to minister to children in churches, we need to declare our public policy and intentions about how we treat every child that comes under our ministry. I know Luther had his 95 Theses, but here, I offer my 35 Declarations that comprise my Kidmin Credo. This Credo can be the benefit package for every child in your ministry. Use these 35 declarations to help you formulate your own Kidmin Credo! Improve on this!

Here is My Thirty-Five Declarations to help you develop your Kidmin Credo:

1. Every child has value and can be included in your program. All are welcome!

2. Every child will get personal care from you and your team.

3. Every child will get a card for their birthday or when absent.

4. Every child will be personally prayed for by name.

5. Every child will be referred to by name.

6. Every child will get personal phone calls and visits from their teacher or leader.

7. Every child will be taught what the Bible says, what it means and how it applies.

8. Every child will learn that Jesus personally loves them—a lot!

9. Every child will hear the gospel and have an opportunity to receive Jesus as Savior/Lord.

10. Every child will be encouraged to develop other Christian friendships.

11. Every child will have the opportunity to be discipled as a serious follower of Jesus.

12. Every child will be encouraged to participate in family worship experiences.

13. Every child gets to have a relationship with the Children’s Pastor.

14. Every child gets, at least one adult leader, who will teach and invest in them.

15. Every child will get a Bible, if they do not have one—free!

16. Every child gets, a leader, who can be an advocate to the leadership.

17. Every child will be taught how to worship God and have personal devotional life.

18. Every child will be introduced to a Senior Pastor and will be encouraged to show respect and listen to them speak for God.

19. Every child will have the support of all your children’s ministry team.

20. Every child could be baptized and become a member of your church, after instruction.

21. Every child will be allowed to have snacks and refreshments.

22. Every child that is absent or sick will receive a personal visit and/or be prayed for.

23. Every child will have parties, socials and fun opportunities to be with their peers.

24. Every child will be taught to experience God and learn how God leads us to obey Him.

25. Every child will be taught and encouraged to learn to memorize verses from the Bible.

26. Every child will have opportunities to participate in organized family events.

27. Every child can attend Summer Program, which might include: VBS, Day Camp, Summer Camp or special outreach events.

28. Every child will be exposed to what God is doing in missions around the world.

29. Every child will be encouraged to learn and sing Christian music.

30. Every child will have the option to be mentored to be a solid Christian.

31. Every child will be encouraged to participate in helping others in their community.

32. Every child will have opportunities to share what they are learning with peers and adults.

33. Every new child will receive a custom “Welcome” type Care Package to introduce them to you and your children’s ministry.

34. Every child will have a fun, safe, caring place to learn and grow spiritually.

35. Every child is welcome to bring their friends to a “cool” place—your church!


Challenge: Declare yourself to be a Real Kid-Helper. Use this sample credo to formulate your own unique Kidmin Credo. You are welcome to include as many of these declarations as you want to care for all children that come into your ministry.

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