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Posted by: kidhelper on Tuesday, March 11th, 2008


Timeless Message of the Good News of Easter is what the Gospel is all about. I have been sharing this message since the early 60’s and the gospel facts of the message has never changed. I have have heard many presentations and have seen many visual representations of this message, but the message facts remain constant. Here is a visual aid the has helped me share this good news. You can rehearse the facts or weave them around other aspects of a message or story. Here is one way I have told the Easter story…

Good News for You!

How many of you boys and girls like good news? Well, I have some good news for you. Would you like to see it? (Place words Good News on the board) I can see that you are not too impressed. Well, I told you the truth. Actually, there is a word in the Bible that means–Good News. Do you have any guesses what the word is? (Take several guesses.) How many of you would like to know the good news word? Good, the word is–Gospel! (Place the word Gospel on the board.)

God wants us to know someone is special. Who do you think God wants us to know about? That’s right – Jesus! (Add the word Jesus below gospel.) The Bible tells us that Jesus is God’s Son. God wants all people to know four things about His Son Jesus that are good news.

The first thing about Jesus, that is good news, He died on the cross. (Put cross on the board) You would think that His birth would be the good news. It was! But actually, He came to die! But in order to die, He had to live. Why did He come to die? (Take guesses.) The Bible says that, “He came to die for our sins.” This is good news! God so loved us that He sent His only Son Jesus to die for our sins.

What was the second thing that happened to Jesus that is good news? After His death on the cross they buried Him in a tomb. (Add tomb to the board.) The tomb was like a cave in the side of a hill. They covered the opening with a large stone. (Add the stone.)

Do you think Jesus was really dead in there? How many of you think He was alive? How many think He was dead? He was dead! What did they do to His body to be sure that He was dead, before they took Him off the cross? (Take guesses.) After Jesus died on the cross, they put a spear into His side, just to be sure that He was dead. Then they put Him into the tomb. How long was He in the tomb? Right, three days! Then the third thing happened that is good news. What was that?

There was an earthquake and the Bible says–“God rolled back the stone and raised His Son Jesus from the dead.” Yes, He was raised from the dead. (Move the stone back and insert smaller arrow coming out of the tomb.)

Can you guess what the fourth thing is that happened to Jesus? (If they guess, “going up to heaven,” put larger arrow in the board pointing up to heaven.) Actually, the Bible says the next thing was His appearance. (Put the word seen on the board.) He was “seen” by over 500 people after He came alive from the dead. This is the “good news” from God for you. Review the four things to make application to them. (Add you to all four points.) Now pray with the children to receive Jesus to be their own Savior.

It is my testimony that thousands of the children have responded to Jesus using this simple set of visual felts.

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Karl Bastian Says:
March 11th, 2008 at 11:59 pm

I remember seeing you do this very presentation when I was a kid. The Truth is never old fashioned.


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