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Posted by: kidhelper on Sunday, June 26th, 2011

Shoot the Story Shot

This Summer I enter a Photo Challenge to see if I could improve my ability with my camera. So I am taking the camera with me a bit more and looking for opportunities to spot the shots and shoot the story shots. So on Father’s Day my family stumbled onto a Antique Car Show in Pasadena. They closed a street off and the cars of all sorts were put on display to the public. There were camera buffs galore capturing angles and colors of these incredible restored vintage cars. So my daughter and I joined the crowds, with cameras in hand, looking for something we could capture for our Photo Challenge. Well, I found many shots, but could not enter them all, even some of the really nice ones. So I thought I might show a few here, in case anyone is interested in what I found. Unlike a lot of men I know, I have never been overly involved in an obsessive way about cars. However, just taking pictures of these historic restored vehicles, I sure could understand how some men might get passionate for restoration and the resultant desire to display their classic cars.

Initially, I was attracted to this antique replica car because the exterior brake on the outside of the car. However, trying to capture brake and the red interior with the white exterior, I snapped this photo. Later, at home I noticed all the trophies and awards in the seat that the owner had won with his antique car. Hence, the name… the Prized Brake Mobile.

The Story here is the Car-Hop Meal, however in looking past the classic sleek Impala lines is the  modern meal from In-N-Out. I submitted this photo. But perhaps, I should have offered this one…

Here was this second shot, closer to the food this time, but not much of the car, which is fine. The real story here is old car hop tray with the contemporary In-N-Out meal on it. A real California thing for a fast lunch. Maybe the story is this fast food In-N-Out lunch is much faster in a Chevy Impala.

I was allured by the dreamy blue and white wrap around design of the colors for this custom bucket-seat Corvette. How I would have wanted a car like this in my youth. Wow! I was attempting to capture to dream, blue sky convertible for two…well, just one, a special one! Hence the story...Designed for One!

Or how about this classic hot red one. Notice the convenient place for the passenger to hold on to if the ride gets rough. Ha. Hence the name… the Hot Rough-Rider Mobile

The classic Beetle virtually had no space to store your junk with only a small trunk in front. So this classic model was modified to make space for a Truck in the rear, over the motor. Hence the name… Junk in the Trunk

Well, this was first for me, Orange Wheels, it matched all the other accessories, orange turn signals lights, reflectors, even an orange rear-view mirror.  Hence the Name the Orange Co. Special

Well, there you have it, I have more photos,  but suffice this  to be enough to illustrate that I am learning to spot the story in every shot. Or at least, I am working on finding it.

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