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Posted by: kidhelper on Monday, July 14th, 2008


There are many First Generation Mandarin speaking Chinese at the Bread of Life Church in Torrance. They have their own Mandarin speaking worship and programs. After many years of ministry, there is a growing group of second generation Chinese who have learned English and have become parents. Their children are learning English in school and at home, plus being exposed to both the Chinese and American culture. Two of their Adult Bible Fellowships come together on Friday night for study. Their children need a two-hour program to accomodate the schedule of the parents. They do not want just a child-care program, but meaningful teaching ministry for their kids.

So I was asked to speak to these English speaking children. Wow, what a fun time that was to share the claims of the Gospel. I did some ventriloquism, some object lessons, and some gospel illusions for them. They had such a good time, laughing, responding and paying close attention to my visuals. The mothers that came to assist, and who often are involved with this children’s program, were quite amazed that I was able to hold the attention of 25 children for a whole hour.

This last Sunday, I returned to the same church in Torrance for our next Oaxaca, Mexico Training Meetings. I saw many of these same children and their parents, who recognized me. They were still talking about the fun we had on Friday. Obviously, I represent some skill and talent to these children, who were very responsive to my ministry, not something they see much, if at all. Parents were asking me, “When will you return for another visit?” I was able to tell them Aug. 15th.

I am already looking forward to returning for another children’s program for them.

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