• Light Reveals, Shadows Define

Posted by: kidhelper on Monday, June 28th, 2010

Light & Shadow

Light Reveals and Shadows Define! Take a lesson from Photography, too much light is hot, too little light becomes drab, too much light has no shadows, proper balance of light and shadow defines the character of an object. Thus, adjusting your camera settings for proper balance renders any object interesting to observe or enjoyable to view. So what?

All leadership has some shadows. What makes us unique is our particular experience that casts a shadow on who we are and who we become. Our gifts, talents, skills and training all contribute to making us different and original. Our leadership then is like that “composite photo” of our positive and negative attributes. People need to see the light of who Jesus is in us, but they also will see the shadows of our humanness. But praise be to God, He uses us anyway.

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