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• The Turkey Custom

Our annual Thanksgiving Habit is go to the mountains with family and friends for a few days together. We have continued this get-away tradition for many years. It has become one of our most significant family customs, probably more important to the family than Christmas. That having been said, I think it is because we […]

Posted by: kidhelper on Sunday, November 28th, 2010

• The Art of Loving Your Child

FAMILY MATTERS A message from Sabrina Mayrand, Deacon of Children’s Ministries As leader of the Westside children’s ministry, Westside Kids, I am very passionate about families and empowering parents to be the primary spiritual leaders in their children’s lives. Recently, my mentor and children’s ministry coach, Rev. Barney Kinard, encouraged me to explore why that […]

Posted by: kidhelper on Sunday, August 30th, 2009

• Dimensions of Fatherhood

Barnette (Barney) Jackson Kinard (me at 18) Recently, I was contemplating my ongoing ever-changing role of Fatherhood. It has caused me to consider that Fatherhood is one of my most treasured life experiences. However, as I think about it there are six dimensions to fatherhood that I have experienced so far, but I still have […]

Posted by: kidhelper on Sunday, June 22nd, 2008

• Top Ten Fatherhood Facts

Top 10 Fatherhood Facts from The National Fatherhood initiative 24 million children (34 percent) live absent their biological father. Nearly 20 million children (27 percent) live in single-parent homes. 1.35 million births (33 percent of all births) in 2000 occurred out of wedlock. 43 percent of first marriages dissolve within fifteen years; about 60 percent […]

Posted by: kidhelper on Sunday, June 15th, 2008

• From Where I Sit…

Here, these camping chairs speak volumes. Benjamin, my grandson, placed his chair next to his Dad’s chair at the campfire ring. I was impressed so I took this picture to record the message. Do you hear the message of Fatherhood? It is about position. It is about being there. It is about differences. It is […]

Posted by: kidhelper on Saturday, June 14th, 2008

• Evaluating Play Equipment

We are working on building a playground for some children in India. So we are partnering with Kids Around the World, who have successfully installed over 100 playgrounds worldwide now. In doing my homework about playgrounds, I ran across this excellent article by Anne-Marie Spencer, who has offered this helpful article on Evaluating Play Equipment. […]

Posted by: kidhelper on Monday, May 12th, 2008

• What is an Atlapedia?

An Atlapedia is a blended description of an Bible Atlas and an Encyclopedia for children produced by the creators of Veggie Tales. This was one of my Christmas presents this year. My children are now buying me resources, I think, so that I will be equipped to be the best grandfather I can be, for […]

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Posted by: kidhelper on Sunday, January 13th, 2008