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Posted by: kidhelper on Monday, November 26th, 2007


My first stop on my India-Kid Mission this August was a Children’s Orphanage in Bombay (Mumbai). It was called Sathya Nikethan. Here is the Head Master of the children’s home. I had never been to an Orphanage before, so I was apprehensive about how I would do there and how I would be received. There are 47 children in the Orphanage and another 25 from the community that attend day school there.

I came to do a chapel for them…


This is Jen, another short-term missionary, who was from Orange Co. California. She came with us to visit the orphanage. Jen was returning to the U.S. the next day and was invited by C.V. to visit the Orphanage before she left. We both were greeted by these beautiful flower leis. Then several small groups of children sang songs to us that they had learned. We were so well received that any apprehension I had, soon vanished. As I began speaking, I was in my element. I was just fine in front them and they responded like kids everywhere. They had never seen a ventriloquist before, so I was a novelty.


It was not hard to love these kids. The children were very young, very cute, and dressed in nice cloths.


The children were clean, well behaved and very happy to have us visit.


I was able to share the gospel with them and some gospel magic too. Many actually prayed with me at the end. After the program I asked more about the children. I wanted to know just how the children come there. C.V. explained to me how each child comes with the recommendation from a local pastor who knows the circumstances of the family. C.V. has this incredible network of leaders, many are from his Seminaries, that work in the slums of Mumbai. Some kids are missing one or both parents. If there is any family, they are too poor to care for them, they would probably starve to death. All these children have been given up to the orphanage for full-time care. I began to see that this was the most loving thing a poor parent could do for their child.


Then I was taken on a tour of the facilities. I was pretty impressed with the way they used all the space they had available. The children were having lunch next, so I was able to greet them again while they were ready to eat, waiting for the prayer. I asked C.V., “how much does it cost to feed a child?” He said, “Just $25!” “Each?” I inquired further. “No!” He continued, “$25 a month for all the children!” I could hardly believe it.


Here is a photo of the resident leaders of the Orphanage. Here, I met Sam, C.V.’s oldest son, who stays at the Orphanage while he attends the University in Mumbai. He has been accepted to attend Biola University, but his visa has not been officially approved yet. Hopefully, that will be forthcoming this next year.


It was special to visit these children. Since I was there, I have been wanting to help them. Maybe you can help me. I think we could help these children this Christmas with gifts for food. If you would like to help, a gift of $25 will ensure they have another month of food. I will forward your gift to Sathyam Ministries for the Orphans. Thanks for your help. Also pray for these little ones. They represent the hope of the future for India. Thanks!

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